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About Zexfret

Whether it is delivering the freight or providing the logistical services, our customers have been bringing up the toughest challenges which we have managed to provide with the help our excellent brainstorming skills. Our team will devise strategies that will let you know how to gain that lost profit. With the help of our proven service methods, we will be fulfilling your needs and help you operate more efficiently than before. We have built a rapport of quality and performance in the logistics and shipping services with the help of our diverse team which is equipped with problem-solving skills and have an industry proven record. We work continuously to meet as well as exceed the customer expectations in the UK and we do this by offering freight service to Congolese diaspora by shipping their goods or personal effects from the UK to DR. Congo to their families. Our business operates mainly between UK and Congo-Kinshasa.

We started this business to help you get top-notch shipping service from your doorstep to the destination. By booking us, you are setting your goods and products in safe hands and highly qualified and skilled team.  Our team and associates at ZexFret famous in the air, sea, and overland transportation and highly exceptional operators and vessel owners. We ensure the use of fully integrated and advanced technologies which leads to us providing the highest quality of standards in our entire shipping service.

Mission Statement

We are driving on a mission to provide safe yet highly reliable transport and shipping of the most difficult and complex freight while ensuring the implementation of all safety policies and regulations. We are on a mission to provide the most professional yet courteous service to our clients while ensuring the safety of their freight. We are working on a mission to reduce the distances between the UK and DR. Congo by offering our freight services.

Our Vision

When we started this business, we had the vision to dedicate our services to exceptional customer service. With our headquarters in Milton Keynes, it is easy for us to provide transport, shipping, and moving/removing services across the United Kingdom. Our vision is to enhance our client’s operations through the use of innovative and intelligent solutions that enhance their daily decision-making capabilities and provide efficiencies that were once considered unfathomable. Moreover, we are working to make the UK and DR. Congo as close as they can so that you will feel they are on the same continent.

Our Values

We, as a dedicated and customer-driven logistics company, aim to provide peace of mind to our clients to make sure that you have time and resources to pay heed to other business goals while we take care of your logistic needs by providing

  • Professional level of excellence
  • Integrity and implementation of the code of ethics
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment to higher quality standards

Why choose Us?

At ZexFret, customer satisfaction and safety of their freight is our utmost priority and that is why we have made a combination of advanced technologies, professional team, and expert personnel to ensure highest standards of services. We promise clear communication and deep oversight throughout the shipment process until it reaches the destination. At ZexFret, we offer the shipment for a wide variety of goods which includes food, clothes, personal items, furniture, freezers, fridges, cookers, mattresses, TVs, Cars, and more.


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