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In this section, we have answered all the Booking related questions, so, if you have booking problems going on, you can get help from here;

  • Types of services offered

At ZexFret, we are offering a different wide range of logistics and distribution services around the United Kingdom including air freight, sea freight, moving & removal, shopping services, travel agency, money transfer, and vehicle transport

  • How to book a collection and does it require registration?

If you are looking for individual collection, online booking will be a suitable fit. However, for the frequent shipments, you may prefer opting for myTNT account

  • What are the prices of various services?

The prices of different services depend largely on the locations, time, and the weight. You can get in contact with us for further information

  • Is TNT account necessary?

No, having a TNT account is not mandatory and you can just book online from our website

  • Will the credit card information stay safe?

We use top-notch encryption technology that ensures the optimum confidentiality of your information no matter personal or credit card

  • What is the collection time?

If you book in the morning, the parcel will be collected the same day. However, if your parcel is from some secluded area, one day will be required

  • What to do if I don’t know the right postcode for the destination?

If you don’t know the right postcode, you need to get in touch with us because a wrong postcode can affect the delivery time and the additional charges may be applied

  • How to cancel or change the booking request?

If you need to change or cancel the booking request, contact us and we will do it for you

  • How to re-arrange the parcel collection?

Call on our company number if the parcel hasn’t been collected. Our company number is +44 (0) 74 2400 4550


  • What to do if the postcode shows to be invalid but it is valid?

If you think that your postcode is right, you can try adding it manually. In addition, make sure you add the right information in the right fields to ensure optimum delivery time and no additional charges

  • What are the shipment locations being offered?

Our shipment locations are;

  • Sea & Air Freight from London to Kinshasa
  • Delivery from the UK to Congo
  • UK moving & Removal service
  • Car exports in Boma and Matadi
  • Container shipment to Congo – UK /DR
  • Import and export in Congo


  • What are the locations for import and export?

We are offering import and export in Congo

  • Is PO Boxes option is available?

No, we do not offer deliveries to the PO Boxes and the full address is required to start the shipping procedure


  • What are the restrictions for weight and size?

Parcels that exceed the weight of 100kg incur an extra charge of £20, or it can be repackaged in two different boxes at the shipper’s expenses. If the dimensions exceed the limits, extra charges will be implied. For more information, get in touch with us!

  • Why is it necessary to provide the weight and size information?

This is because we will be able to calculate the delivery time without any delays. Moreover, it will ensure that you don’t have to pay any additional charges at the end

  • What items are prohibited?

Prohibited items under the legislation and Dangerous goods such as chemical products, perfume, oil leaking engine, are not allowed.


  • How to prepare the international shipments?

You can get in touch with us to find the right packing methods for the guideline. If the package isn’t packed properly, we will ship at the customer’s risk. However, you can get it repacked by paying additional £15

  • What is the right packaging to use?

We have everything you need to do the perfect packing ranging from the tapes to carton and the bottle packaging as well

  • Do we provide packing?

Yes, we do offer packing but that has additional charges. Contact us to get information about this.


  • What documents do I need to provide?

The shipment needs to have the package labels along with the consignment note. Both of these documents can be attained when you book the services. In the case of international shipment, a commercial invoice will be required as well

  • What is a commercial invoice?

It is a paper that has information about the charges and the parcel

  • What is a consignment note?

It is a document that ensures the optimum handling of the shipment as it has all the information such as the destination address, the name, charges (if any). The consignment note is generated when you book the services

  • Which is the consignment note that I need?

In the case of international shipments, the international consignment note is mandatory. On the other hand, if the shipment is within the country, the national consignment note has to be attached. There will be a special consignment note generated for the special and fragile shipments

  • Do I need to fill the consignment note if I have booked online?

If you have booked online, the consignment note will be generated automatically

  • How to order the consignment note?

You can contact us for the supplies such as the consignment notes

  • How to get the consignment note if I don’t have a printer?

If you don’t have a printer, contact us with the issue and we will send it via our driver at your doorstep


  • Will the parcel be opened for the inspection?

We do not open the parcels but other scanning machines will be used to scan the parcel such as x-ray and trace detectors. However, we do not take responsibility for the government agencies such as customs, police, and border security as they might open the shipment

  • Is the consignment covered?

You can order the covers when booking the services by selecting the liability options


  • What is the approximate delivery time for the parcel?

You can use the tracking option from our website to check out the approximate shipping time. Moreover, you can also track your shipment to estimate the time on your own

  • How to rearrange the parcel delivery?

You can get the re-delivery service by getting in touch with us on our company number

  • Can the shipment be received from the depot?

You can schedule the re-shipping and re-delivering if you have a “we missed you” card left by the driver

  • How to make a complaint?

You can contact us to make a complaint

  • Can I drop the parcel at the depot?

No, it must not be done as we do not accept the packages this way. If the package wasn’t collected, you can contact us and the driver will be at your doorstep

  • How to check the shipment location?

You can track and trace your shipment using the tracking service


  • Why am I receiving two invoices for one shipment?

The shipping and duties charges are split into two documents and that is why you are receiving two invoices

  • Where is consignment number mentioned on the invoice?

On the left side of the consignment note, 9-digit numbers will be mentioned and that is your consignment number

  • How are the prices calculated?

The price of the shipment is calculated on the basis of destination, weight, volume, and service. There might be additional charges for the packing and other stuff

  • How is the volumetric weight calculated?

We calculate the package volume and multiply it with the conversion factor to calculate the volumetric weight and it determines the price

  • What is online billing?

Online billing will save money and time for the services. Our online billing is comprised of two factors; ePayment and eInvoicing. EPayment allows the users to pay the funds and view the account statements. EInvoicing allows the users to download and view the invoice

Making a Claim

  • How to manage the lost consignment?

You can contact us to lodge a complaint against the lost consignment

  • How to manage the damaged consignment?

You can contact us to lodge a complaint against the damaged consignment

  • Who has to claim the damaged or lost consignment?

A person who made the booking has to work on the claim. You will need to show the evidence of damage

  • What is the claiming process?

When you register a claim, the online claim form will be sent to the registering person. Fill out the form and add the required evidence. If we find any missing information, you will be required to provide all those details and after that, our team will be on the track to help you out.

  • What is the timeframe for a claim?

You have seven days for the claim after delivery. The timeframe for the claim sort is 21 days

Technical Support

  • What is myTNT?

MyTNT is the online booking tool which allows the users to manage the shipments

  • What to do if myTNT login details are lost?

You need to call at 01827 711 611 for the support

  • How to reset the password for myTNT account?

You must remember the User ID in order to reset the password

  • What to do if I have myTNT account problem?

You need to call at 01827 711 611 for lodging the complain

  • How to check the address

You need to call at 01827 711 611

Website Issue

  • How to report the technical website glitch?

You need to contact us at +44 (0) 74 2400 4550 for the website glitch

  • What are the technical requirements of the TNT website?

The website is extremely intuitive and user-friendly and you will not need any third-party platforms to use the website

  • Which browsers are supported for the website loading?

We have optimized our website for the chrome, safari, and Firefox and all these browsers offer optimum responsiveness

  • Is there any plugin needed to use the website?

There is no need to use any additional plugin to use the application

  • How to stay updated with the new offers?

You can subscribe to the newsletter in order to ensure you get the information related to our latest offers

  • What are cookies?

Our cookies collect the user-related information and will be automatically retrieved when you visit the website next time. This will take care of your preferences in the most effective manner

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